Education First Sierra Leone is a 501 (C) ( 3) educational nonprofit organization. It was borne of the dire need for an educational renaissance in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone, as you may or may not  know, used to be called the “Athens” of West Africa. The first western learning institutions in West Africa were established in Sierra Leone, where the sons and daughters of Africa’s elites went for higher education. The standards were comparable to higher learning institutions anywhere in the world.

Within a couple decades of gaining independence, however, Sierra Leone started losing her relative advantage in education. The high standards dropped precipitously across the board. The situation was further compounded by the senseless civil war that engulfed the country for a decade, and schools were closed for years. An entire generation missed out on schooling. Then came  the Ebola scourge, which forced schools across the nation to close once again.  That has further exacerbated the already deplorable educational standards.

EFSL intents to assist in reversing the current trend by supplementing efforts already in place to improve standards and educational performance one school and one child at a time. We want to help with school supplies, teacher training, motivating students and teachers, supporting school libraries/media centers and broadcasting proven educational materials.

We implore you to support our cause, talk about us to people that can assist and visit this website on a regular bases to follow our progress. With our combined background, we are totally committed to the eradication of  illiteracy from Sierra Leone. We sincerely believe that our biggest problems is illiteracy. Curing that disease will alleviate a lot of other problems.  An educated Sierra Leone will be more self-reliant and less foreign aid dependent.

Africa’s greatest statesman, Nelson Mandela said it best, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”